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Berlin zoo panda gives birth to 2 cubs


Female giant panda Meng Meng is seen eating some bamboo in her enclosure.

The Berlin zoo announced on Monday that its panda Meng Meng had given birth to two cubs, the first to be born in captivity in Germany.

Andreas Knieriem, the director of Zoo Tierpark Berlin, said both mother and the cubs were faring well, reports Efe news.

"Although they are the first cubs for our young female panda, she's looking after them in an exemplary fashion. In the beginning, the cubs have to drink for more or less two or three hours a day and warmth and being close to their mother is important so the little ones don't get cold," he said in a statement.

Meng Meng, six, gave birth to her cubs on Sunday evening after 147 days in gestation.

The new born panda twins are seen after their birth.

The Berlin zoo is working closely with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to support Meng Meng in her new life as a mother, given that twins were not common among pandas.

Experts plan to alternate the cubs with the mother for a period of two or three hours, during which time the other will be looked after by the Chinese team of specialists.

An early analysis of the cubs reported weights of 186 grams and 136 grams, although their sex is yet to be determined.

The young family will be kept out of the public eye for the time being, apart from the father, Jiao Qing, nine, who will still be one of the zoo's attractions.

Meng Meng with Jiao Qing arrived at the zoo in the German capital in 2017 as part of the Chinese government's so-called panda diplomacy during an official visit from President Xi Jinping.

Beijing lends the animals to zoos around the world to boost conservation efforts.

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