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In Pakistan, even men want to look beautiful


Farrukh Nausheen at her clinic in Islamabad.

Science has brought about a revolution in almost every field of life in today’s world. The beauty and makeup industry is no exception as it has undergone dramatic changes over the years and has become one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

The role of dermatologists and aestheticians in our daily life has increased in leaps and bounds. Their role in the beauty industry is vital as they hold the key to a beautiful personality, which includes accentuating all the features that go with it, including a pleasant physique, for all those who wish to look more presentable.

To the beauty industry the world is its oyster. And that includes the Mideast region. According to analysts Euromonitor International (EMI), the retail value of the beauty and personal care market in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) is estimated to be worth $34.9 billion in 2019, an eight per cent increase over the previous year ($32.4 billion).

There is even a trade fair, Beautyworld Middle East 2019, the region’s largest international trade fair for beauty products, hair, fragrances, and wellbeing, which opened recently in Dubai, featuring 1,790 exhibitors from 66 countries.

The beauty products for male grooming have expanded over the years and even include natural and organic ingredients to deliver a holistic look. The MEA region is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, hair care, men’s grooming, personal care and hygiene.

Even in Pakistan, the beauty industry has remarkably revolutionised, having become bigger and much improved over the last two decades. Beautification has become the most popular field, the go-to industry nowadays but when beautification comes with scientific treatment we see a new field, which is aestheticism.

An aesthetician melds beauty, health and art with remarkable finesse. In technical terms aestheticism refers directly to the application of various techniques to the epidermal layers of the human body. Many women have done remarkable work in beautification and have changed the lives of many people and that includes Farrukh Nausheen.

Farrukh, owner of the 'Hair Hub Clinic,' is one of the leading experts in the field of hair transplant and skin services, who works in the Pakistani capital Islamabad.


Farrukh Nausheen after a hair transplant surgery at her clinic in Islamabad. 

She is an aesthetician, trichologist, expert in laser, hair transplant, hair loss treatment and multiple skin services by using new technologies with her team.

She has been working in this field for the last 10 years and has become a role model for women.

During a question and answer session, Farrukh said her calling “was not an easy task” but she wanted to do something unique and different.

But, unfortunately in Pakistan it was considered weird for females to work in the field of men's beautification.

Although it was a big task she accepted the challenge. She said beauty standards were always different for men.

“It was considered only the right of women to look beautiful but now the game has changed. Today's men also want to look handsome. Therefore they are more aware about their personality and their looks.

“All the men, especially the youth, are aware how to groom themselves whether it is regarding hair loss or skin. People are more professional and self-aware now than in the past.”

Farrukh said, “We are devising easy ways for men to improve their looks and groom themselves."

With diligence and perseverance, Farrukh has not only succeeded in moulding men’s looks but also their thinking about a woman grooming men. According to a survey, many young people who have been treated by Farrukh are satisfied with her work. She even has a remarkable fan following on social media.

Answering a question about the treatment for young people, Farrukh said, "A majority of our male patients have good experience regarding hairfall treatment."

When asked about the change in people’s minds about the hair treatment in her clinic, she said, “Definitely we see positive change and youth in Pakistan are now much more aware about grooming than they were in the past.”

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