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Moroccan kaftans win hearts and minds at "Morocco in Abu Dhabi" fashion show


Models showcased glamourous designs of the Moroccan kaftan.

Four hundred people attended an exclusive Moroccan fashion show held at "Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019", an event that sustains cultural communication between the UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco. The audience was captivated by the elegant designs and unique styles of the Moroccan kaftan.

Models showcased glamourous designs of the Moroccan kaftan, woven with designs that highlighted the rich and deep history of Morocco. Infused with elements of creativity, innovation and heritage, the kaftans dazzled the audience with their sophistication inspired by Morocco’s heritage.


“The Kaftan has been passed down through many generations. This year, we decided to focus on the traditional Moroccan arts of sewing and embroidery.

There are several distinct patterns in our embroidery, such as the Rabat embroidery, which is known for using multiple bright colors such as pink which is then decorated with beads, gemstones, gold, pearls and crystals.

Other embroidery patterns include Randa, which uses gold threads, Zuaq Al Muallem, which is influenced by Andalusian heritage in all its forms and colors, Ghurza (stitch embroidery), Tetouan embroidery, as well as a unique section for embroidery by the most skilled Moroccan women.

The collection features innovative and trend-setting designs with both warm and cool colors and we also have some unique designs of new short-sleeved wedding dresses, in addition to other long-sleeved collections,” Sophia added.

Sophia explained that this year’s event saw a number of unusual innovative trends in fashion, accessories, jewelry, shoes, handbags and belts.

Several world-renowned Moroccan designers are participating in the catwalk shows, including Myriam Bouafi, Lamia Lakhsassi, Souad Chraibi, Meriem and Laila El Hajouji, Zainab Al Jundi, Zineb Lyoubi Idrissi, Loubna Kasous, Fédéric Pierre Kerner, Sara Chraibi, and Siham Tazi, as well as jewelry and accessories designers Kenza Benbrahim and Kenza Bennani, Badia Tazi and Rhita Sebti, along with Mounier & Bouvard- Hugues Mounier the famous Moroccan designers of gold and diamond jewelry.

The catwalk shows highlight the traditional Moroccan Kaftan alongside the newer styles of Selham and Kandura in various colors and attractive designs, created by skilled designers who have been inspired by their rich Moroccan heritage.

"Our catwalk showcases old costumes as well as contemporary designs, combining traditional wear with modern styles.

The Selham is usually worn over the Kaftan and the designs for this year’s event were exceptionally exquisite, reflecting the attire’s unique fabrics comprising of silk, cotton or embroidery. The Kandura is also appreciated by the audience for its elegant designs, different patterns of embroidery, and the draped silk fabrics with embossed belts.

The Kaftan remains one of Morocco’s finest symbols of creativity, culture and heritage, rivaling the finest international fashion brands and worn by international celebrities.

The "Morocco in Abu Dhabi" event offers a welcoming environment for visitors to learn about fascinating Moroccan heritage and culture, while inspiring their imagination and broadening their horizons.

The event, which runs until 30th April 2019 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, includes an array of cultural, artistic and historical activities, in addition to a unique antiques collection.

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