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'An unusual increase in body weight could be alarming'


Dr Donatella Casiglia, a specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology.

An unusual increase in body weight could be an alarming factor, says Dr Donatella Casiglia, a specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology, in an exclusive Facebook Live interview with Gulf Today.

Dr Donataella starts off by telling about the rapidly increasing number of diabetic patients, especially in the Middle East. She gives some insightful information about the causes of developing thyroid, diabetes and how to go about their respectful treatment.

With prompt response to the diagnosis any condition can be brought under control, she says. Dr Donatella also calls for keeping tabs on children from an early stage. She insists that we make sure children are in their ideal weight and never obese.

“Obesity usually triggers various issues from children to adults if neglected,” she says. She urges watching for symptoms in children who are not having a very active lifestyle and are often lethargic.

She also discusses the importance of having regular check-ups.

Even if an individual is already taking thyroid medications, a regular check-up once in six months should be done to make sure the body of the patient is responding well, she says. Dr Donatella goes on to discuss various other common reasons for developing thyroid and diabetes among people.

Other than having a healthy lifestyle with healthy food, regular exercise and maintaining an ideal body weight, she stresses what an important role stress plays in developing these conditions.

“Stress is not the primary reason for developing thyroid or diabetes but it definitely does trigger them off if not taken care,” she says.

Dr Donatella hopes she can treat more patients and make them realise how a healthy lifestyle plays such an important role in maintaining good health.

With or without existing kidney disease, kidney function is more likely to decline over time the more severely obese a person is, a recent study suggests.

Compared to adults who are merely overweight, people with the most severe obesity are twice as likely to develop impaired kidney function, the analysis found. People who aren’t quite as obese have an 18 to 69 per cent higher risk of developing reduced kidney function.

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