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Asians impersonating investigation agents steal car

Traffic move at a slow pace in Dubai. File/ AFP

Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

DUBAI: Some five Asians impersonating investigation agents stopped a car, which was taking a child to his school.

They ordered the driver and child to get down, then they got into the car and sped away.

Dubai Criminal Court heard the case on Sunday.

According to the victims’ testimonies and the defendants’ confessions, the idea of stealing cars came to the second defendant, who formed a gang of his friends and planned with them to steal cars.

They agreed on the idea and distributed roles among themsleves. They wore Emirati uniforms, drove behind the victims’ car and started to make the street narrower for the driver until the latter had to stop.

The defendants got out from their car, approached the driver of the other car and asked him to leave the car on the pretext that they wanted to search the car and take photos for its interior.

The driver complied and one of the defendants tried to take the pupil out of the car but the latter refused.

They, however, got into the car and drove fast, which made child cry in fear.

The child asked them to let him get out of the car. The defendants stopped the car and let the pupil out of the car. The driver called the police who contacted the company to which the car belonged and were told the car had a tracking device, thanks to which the car was tracked and found.