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Rain lowers temperatures but raises spirits of residents

A beautiful rain scene from a window of Dar Al Khaleej Building, Al Khan Road, Sharjah, UAE.

SHARJAH: The skies opened early on Monday morning, lowering mercury levels but boosting he spirts of the residents of Sharjah. They were greeted with the features of a not very common sight.

Wet roads. Grey skies, which in normal circumstances would have been true blue, dotted the expanse far above the earth.

The sun went missing for some time, seeking refuge behind the canopy of the clouds. Traffic moved at a snail’s pace. From time to time the sirens of ambulance vehicles, trying to wend their way through the traffic logjam, rent the air.

Most parts of the UAE experienced the mild rainfall on Tuesday morning, followed by cold winds.

The areas along the Emirates Road, Ring Road/Sharjah, Seheila-Al Dhaid witnessed medium showers, while some parts of the UAE saw light rain. 

The weather body said the winds would be strong at times with a strong cloud presence. 

The sea remains rough in the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman Sea and may become very rough with cloud activity.

The NCM has urged motorists to take all precautions, particularly with the likelihood of poor visibility.

The usual suspects in the wake of the rain gave the inhabitants no reason to suspect the weather’s intentions. While some developed instant but sorry respiratory woes like a runny nose and cough, others were only too happy. The cold weather surely warmed the cockles of their hearts. 

They were already rebooting plans, some even deciding to give the drudgery of the office a skip. Others made a beeline for the beach: natural, not virtual, reality was uppermost in their minds. The young ones were planning a gabfest at a well-known coffee shop in Al Majaz Waterfront. 

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, the moonstruck found the sunless weather romantic. One Cupid- struck resident remarked, “My heartthrob can’t be kept waiting. Today is my Valentine’s Day. The card, bouquet of roses, the chocolates, all are ready. Guess what? To take advantage of the weather, I am even planning a candlelight lunch — let me see!”