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Spanish fan shows off his Taylor Swift 'sanctuary' before Madrid gig

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Roberto Santos poses for the photograph as he shows some of the albums in his home.

Roberto Santos, 55, stands out among other "Swifties" for his decades-long devotion to American pop icon Taylor Swift and a plethora of gifts the Spaniard has received from her team in recognition of that - enough to fill up an apartment room he calls a sanctuary.

As Swift, 34, was preparing to play her Eras Tour gigs in Madrid on Wednesday and Thursday, Santos, who runs a dental prosthetics lab in Spain's capital, solemnly displayed the items, including Swift's limited-edition platinum disk award, signed photos, recordings, and sneakers bearing both their names.

Taylor Swift fab 1 Roberto Santos  poses in his "Taylor Swift shrine" in his home in Madrid. Reuters

"Sometimes I wake up at night, turn on the light and look a little, and say to myself: 'What are you doing?'... I just look, it gives me calm, and I go back to sleep," Santos said in an interview.

"For me she means everything; I've been following her since before 2011... I had the gut feeling that she was going to be big. If I had the same intuition with the lottery, I'd be rich," Santos said.

Taylor Swift fan 2 Roberto Santos poses in his "Taylor Swift shrine." Reuters

He said going to see her perform in Dublin in 2018 made him the only person to have travelled twice from Spain for a Swift show. Her management team then added Santos and his wife Inmaculada to an exclusive fan list, and sent them gifts and invitations, including an all-paid trip to Los Angeles last year, Santos said.

"If I was 18 or 20, I imagine I could go a bit crazy... but now everything feels more mature and calm," said Santos, who has Swift-themed tattoos on his arms and ankle.

He has yet to meet her in person. A planned meeting in Oslo was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Taylor Swift 3 Roberto Santos poses next to a photo personally dedicated by Taylor Swift in his home in Madrid. 

Santos is particularly thankful to Swift and her team for thinking about older fans, and for "the values she has transmitted" through her art.

Swift's record-breaking Eras Tour has boosted local economies. In Madrid, hotel occupancy rates have climbed to 90% on average for the concert dates. 


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