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Hands-on: The Creative Cubes gallery promotes artists with bespoke design

Rooma eejaz 1

Rooma Eejaz’s artwork.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

The Creative Cubes gallery, an online space for curated artwork from emerging and established artists, showcased an array of artworks at World Art Dubai (WAD) 2024. The gallery, which is known for promoting diverse artistic expressions, presented a blend of contemporary and traditional art forms, spotlighting the talent and creativity of its featured artists. The Creative Cubes’ mission is to provide a global platform for artists to showcase their work and connect them with potential buyers. The WAD exhibition emphasised the work of its curators and standout artists, particularly Murugesh Thiagarajan and Swaraj Jawale.

Thiagarajan has made a name for himself with his innovative approach. He blends traditional motifs with modern techniques, through which he explores the world of cultural heritage and also contemporary themes. At WAD 2024, his pieces offered fresh perspectives on familiar themes. Another highlight of The Creative Cubes’ presentation was the work of Swaraj Jawale. Known for his dynamic and thought-provoking art, the works of this figurative artist are characterised by intricate details and bold themes, offering an immersive experience that engages the audience and invites them to explore the deeper meanings that teem behind his creations.

samishka jawale 22 Swaraj Jawale's work was shown at World Art Dubai 2024, Samishka Jawale, Founder, The Creative Cubes.

Swaraj Jawale’s approach to art is both introspective and expansive. He delves into personal experiences and universal themes, creating pieces that are both intimate and broadly resonant. His ability to convey complex emotions and ideas through his art – most of which begin as sketches, which he allows the curious to examine - makes his work compelling and memorable. He is as yet only 16-years-old and is based in Dubai. Swaraj’s journey began at an even younger age than 16. Over the years, he has explored various artistic forms and techniques, culminating in his signature style that melds depth and dimension. His artworks, projecting emotive storytelling, draw inspiration from everyday life, cultural diversity, and societal dynamics.

He has earned multiple awards on international platforms and his achievements include the All India Art Talent Kala Ratna Award (2019). His participation in the 1st IWS International Children & Youth Watercolor Competition held in Hong Kong (2018) saw him standing tall among 1,000 young artists from 40 countries on an international stage. He clinched the 3rd prize in the Watercolor Competition by the International Watercolor Society-UAE (2018), and his artworks have found a place of honour in leading UAE publications.

swapnil jawale 2  Swapnil Jawale at World Art Dubai 2024.

In 2022, he won the 1st Artoze Huawei Themes gallery award. This made him the youngest Themes designer from the UAE. Hailing from the Indian landscape but calling Dubai home (since age five), Swaraj Jawale’s artistic journey has been formed by the strokes of innovative artistry and the company of discerning artists. “With a palette of colours as his playground and a canvas as his voice, he has embarked on a creative odyssey fuelled by passion and guided by the profound influence of contemporary art,” says The Creative Cubes gallery. At WAD, his pieces were a significant draw, capturing the interest and admiration of art lovers and collectors alike.

The Creative Cubes’ participation at WAD also focused on Indigenous art. Curated by Swapnil Jawale, this section consisted of a collection of Gond paintings and Rock Dhokra art. These works celebrate the rich cultural heritage of India’s tribal communities, offering a spirited and intricate display of colour and design. Swapnil Jawale played a dual role at WAD, both as curator and artist. While his curation of the Indigenous art section brought together talented tribal artists and their works, he also showcased his solo series, Shivakala: Timeless Creations. The series explores spiritual themes, inviting viewers to reflect on the nature of creation and existence.

swaraj jawale 11  Swaraj Jawale has won multiple awards.

The solo stand of Rooma Eejaz also drew visitors. Eejaz’s works are characterised by emotional intensity and intricate details and her pieces are known for their ability to evoke strong emotions and provoke thought. Her use of colour, form and texture, has been noticed by critics. In addition to the above artists, The Creative Cubes also featured a diverse and talented group of other art makers at WAD. They included Anasuya Patra, Anirban Midya, Anuja Shivpuje, Archana Udeshi, Athina Janice, Kunchay Visweswar, Mario Curtis, Meena Meher, Murugesh Thiagarajan, Richa Nirwan, Samishka Jawale, Smitashree Balaji, Sunita Vasanth, Vikashini Palanisamy, Yamini Maria, Sharmila Tulpule and Sayli Panse, along with artists from Aadi Gond Rock Dhokra Arts.

The Creative Cubes gallery was founded by Samishka Jawale. She is a Dubai based artist and designer, who has had a successful professional career in interior design for one-and-a-half decades. She studied art and architecture design in Mumbai and art for her, is a form of self-expression sans boundaries. Though able to handle subjects with versatility, her passion has been monochrome creations. Her artworks are about capturing the essence of moments, stylishly. She finds inspiration and solace in exploring watercolour and does not fail to notice monuments while travelling, of which she is an aficionado.

She has exhibited overseas at the International Watercolor Society (2019, Vietnam) and Fabrino Acquarello (Italy, 2019) and locally at UAE Her Story (2019), among other places. The mandate of The Creative Cubes gallery goes beyond presenting visual art exhibitions; it extends to multi-disciplinary activities including workshops and lectures, media art installations, offsite public artworks, mentorship and youth education. It also provides opportunities for research, production, presentation, promotion and dissemination of artists’ work and is committed to providing an encouraging platform for creators.

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