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Emirati writer and actor Abdullah Saleh wants to see SIFF-type events across the UAE


Abdullah Saleh highlights the role of film festivals in unleashing creativity of young generations.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Renowned Emirati writer, singer and actor Abdullah Saleh has expressed his desire to see all emirates in the UAE replicate the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth (SIFF) to unleash the creativity and talents of the younger generations.

The Emirati artist’s remarks came during an 'Actors Meetup' session held on Day 5 of SIFF 2022, where he shared his journey of growth as a professional in various art forms including singing, poetry, and theatre.


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"The UAE has always supported aspiring artists and this enabling environment has made us who we are today. All our accomplishments throughout the years are attributed to this unwavering support," he told the audience at SIFF 2022.

Abdullah Saleh emphasised the role of advanced technologies in shining light on arts and artists. "In my younger days, we had to use road advertisements to promote our work, which was time-consuming and involved a lot of hard work. Today, with social media platforms, artists can announce and market their works, in addition to engaging with the audience in real-time".

Abdullah Saleh during an 'Actors Meetup' session held on Day 5 of SIFF 2022.

Advising aspiring artists, he said: "Learn from the experiences of old-generation artists. Don't seek out instant fame. Instead, work hard to gain more experience and slowly build and sustain your success".

Describing his journey as an artist, Saleh said he had never considered acting, noting that he was hoping to become a singer. "During my school years, I was obsessed with singing. I wanted to sing classic Arabic songs by renowned Arab artists. I joined a local traditional folk band in 1978 before getting into theatre work, which then became my career path."

However, Saleh did not give up his passion for singing which he rekindled in 1989 with the release of his debut music album.

In a lively interaction with young audiences at SIFF 2022, the Emirati actor emphasised the importance of children's theatre. He said: "I've always believed in children's theatre and its capacity to nurture and unleash talents, which has motivated me to create many plays dedicated to the younger generation".

Commenting on SIFF 2022, the renowned artist said that the event is getting bigger with every edition and comprises a diverse agenda that introduces children to different art forms, new knowledge and experiences, which will usher in a new generation of artists and creatives.



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