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British rock band Coldplay would love to travel in a plane powered by milk

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Coldplay's Chris Martin (right) and guitarist Jonny Buckland perform at The Stade de France Arena in Saint Denis, Paris. File/AFP

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These days there is a lot of focus on alternative or renewable sources of energy. This helps tackle climate change and conserve the environment.

Even Western musicians have latched on to the keep-carbon-footprint-low bandwagon.

In this respect, at least one group has taken the goal of sustainability to a whole new level.


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Now aircraft are normally powered by aviation fuel, but this leads to carbon emissions. To tackle this unhealthy byproduct of travel, British rock band Coldplay have floated the idea that they would love a unique kind of transport: a plane powered by milk.

The band is very particular about environmental issues, and Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer, wants to push the envelope in this area.

"We're about halfway where we want to go. A place we are struggling is transport," he shared.

"That's where we need help and we need technology to develop so that we can fly in a plane powered by milk or something like that. So if anyone is making a milk-based plane..."

So, all milk drinkers will be definitely chuffed to hear that their drink not only improves and sustains their health but also boosts ecological preservation.

Last year, Martin said that there's still "a long way to go" with his sustainable ambitions. The 45-year-old singer revealed that he's continually looking at ways of reducing emissions while he's on tour.

The band are currently in the middle of a series of performances at Wembley Stadium. But according to Martin, they don't actually feel like they're the stars of the show.

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