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Tom Cruise takes couple by surprise in England during paragliding stunt


Tom Cruise poses for a photograph.

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Tom Cruise is the epitome of high-octane action. What makes him unique is that he does the stunts all by himself and does not depend on a double.

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise has the chutzpah, the charisma, the swashbuckling panache with his classic Ray-Ban Aviator glasses that became a trademark of his cult Top Gun status. He is no ordinary mortal; fear deserts him when he does those eye-popping stunts, be it on a motorcycle, hanging from a cliff and then performing a heart-in-the-mouth jump, dangling from a cargo plane at 5,000 feet: he is the high watermark of thrills. They are enough to give you the goosebumps.

He even jumps from buildings. Talking of highrises, diehard fans of the actor in the UAE will not forget those thrilling moments when he was pictured on the façade of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, swinging, hanging, hundreds of feet above the ground for an action scene.

Visitors to the iconic edifice burst with joy when they saw him. The actor even waved at his fans.

A similar fan moment seemed to be playing out, this time in faraway England. Cruise took a couple by surprise in the Lake District when he did a paragliding stunt for an upcoming edition of the Mission Impossible series.


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Sarah and Jason Haygarth were taking a stroll in the Lake District with their dog Edward when the 60-year-young hunk jutted into view.

The couple talked about their rare, unusual interaction with Cruise to the Sun newspaper.
The actor reportedly arrived at the top of High Crag, a huge mass of rock, by helicopter. The chopper sure created a racket and Cruise profusely apologised to the couple for it.
Then he said he liked their dog.

When Cruise prepared for the jump off the cliff, Sarah could not believe what she was seeing. She asked him whether he was really going to take the plunge. He smiled at her, then nodded.

He then bid them farewell while running towards the edge.

Despite the intense stunt, Sarah described Cruise "as cool as a cucumber."

The husband, Jason, said the only other celebrity he came across was Richard Madeley, the British TV presenter and writer.
But the meeting with Cruise topped that ‘by a country mile.’

The star was filming the stunt for the next 'Mission: Impossible' movie, slated for release in July next year.

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