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Bollywood star Ranveer Singh appears in the buff, draped only with flamboyance


Ranveer Singh poses for a photograph.

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Bollywood star Ranveer Singh is made of a different mettle. He is not hidebound by rules. On the Bear Grylls show this year, he ate maggots to find a flower for the love of his life, his wife Deepika.

Clearly, there is a wild side to this romantic maverick. And he knows how to grab the headlines.

His purchase of a Rs 119-crore mansion next to Shah Rukh Khan's residence "Mannat" occupied columns in the newspapers.

One of Bollywood’s most colourful actors has a spirited wildness to him, a kind of devil-may-care flamboyance that doesn’t go unnoticed. Even his off-the-wall outfits grab eyeballs – and criticism.

His gender-fluid fashion style has been slammed by the Cassandras. So he lashed out at them in his own no-holds-barred style.

In a new interview with Paper Magazine, 'Paper', an independent pop culture magazine published from New York, the 37-year-old actor made it clear that he doesn’t care what people think about how he dresses.


“I work f***ing hard,” Singh told the magazine. “I want to wear nice sh*t. I will wear nice f***ing sh*t, according to the Independent.

“I bust my b***s, I work 20-hour days. I’m not complaining – I’m only too happy and too grateful. I will f***ing buy Gucci, I will wear it from head to toe.”

He has been constantly judged for his attire.
One example of when he received plenty of negative comments about his style was when he was promoting his 2022 film ‘Jayeshbhai Jordar.’

The actor donned unmatched and colourful outfits throughout the promo tour, which didn’t go down well with a section of the Indian audience.

Well, he has gone one step further: in order to take the sting out of his critics’ tails, he posed completely in the buff for the cover of ‘Paper’ magazine.
He smashed the internet by posing for Ashish Shah of the magazine, flaunting his ubiquitous six-pack, muscles all toned, looking like a Greek deity.

Asked whether he felt nervous about getting naked for the cover, the Bajirao Mastani star said: “It’s so easy for me to be physically naked.”

“You can see my f***ing soul. How naked is that? That’s being actually naked. I can be naked in front of a thousand people, I don’t give a sh*t. It’s just that they get uncomfortable.”

He was only following  model and actor Milind Soman, who did it first with Madhu Sapre,

Singh’s nude photoshoot has attracted mixed reactions from his fans, with some appreciating him for being “comfortable in his skin”, and others calling him out for “setting a bad example for the younger generation”.

“I’m sorry but I really didn’t want to see naked Ranveer Singh,” one person wrote.

Another person added: “Wtf did I just see????? Why is Ranveer Singh naked all over the internet??? His clothes weren’t enough to torture the eyes???”

One person wrote: “Y’all complained about Ranveer Singh’s clothes. You deserve to see him without them now. This is all on YOU!

However, one supportive fan wrote: “He’s such a beautiful man, truly someone as secure with himself can do this.” “I’m just so very fond of this man,” added another.

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