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Kyiv theatre reopens with sold out performance

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People pass by the theater on Podil in Kyiv, Ukraine. AP

A theatre in Ukraine’s capital has reopened for the first time since Russian forces invaded the country, and tickets sold out for Sunday's performance.

Theatre on Podil was the latest cultural institution in Kyiv to resume operations. Movie theatres and the National Opera opened their doors at the end of May.


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"We were wondering how it would be, whether spectators would come during the war, whether they think at all about theatre, whether it’s of any interest,” said one of the actors, Yuriy Felipenko. "And we were happy that the first three plays were sold out.”

Filipenko Saysthe Theatre is putting on plays with just a few actors.

Actor Kostya Tomlyak says he had hesitated to perform in wartime. But the influx of people returning to Kyiv since hostilities there have lessened persuaded him that it’s necessary to go on.

In his words, "You continue living, although you don’t forget that there is the war. The main question is how actors can be helpful.”

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