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Egyptian comedian interacts with fans at Sharjah Children Reading Festival

Mohamed Henedy  44

Mohamed Henedy at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival session.

Shereen Afifi

Egyptian comedian star and actor Mohamed Henedy attended a session titled “Super Henedy” at the 13th edition of Sharjah Children Reading Festival (SCRF) 2022, where he spoke about his lengthy career in entertainment, his childhood, and his views on works presented to children.

Henedy interacted humorously with his fans of adults and while answering children’s spontaneous comments and questions.

Through his career Henedy presented many remarkable works for children whether through acting, dubbing or singing, as he dubbed the voices of Timon, Mike Wazowski and Homer Simpson for the Egyptian versions of ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Monsters, Inc.’ and ‘The Simpsons.’


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“I never hesitated to do dubbing for children’s cartoon movies because I love radio and children learn from information we communicate. So I make sure to present a product that serves moral values and contributes to developing a child’s thinking and skills. “Idea is the most important, I’ll never make any work for children unless I am 100% sure that they will love it,” said Henedy.

He also clarified that being a comedian and able to make people laugh is mainly a talent and gift from God. “However, movies that are made only for the sake of laughing don’t live. Comedy and laughter should be through a story that touches people’s lives,” he added.

Henedy added that he lived a good childhood as he was raised in the popular “Imbaba” neighbourhood of Cairo where he was free to read, play and make friendships that’s how he loved theatre. “Children should have the complete freedom to try everything in reading and playing and even in choosing their goals that’s how they could make the best choices in future.”

When asked what movies he loves the most among the ones he starred in, he said, “For my movies, the most important thing for me are the memories behind the senses, for instance in the movie “The great beans of China” or “Foul Al Seen Al Azeem” we had a hard time filming unlike movies like “The Prince of Seas” or “Ameer Al Behar” where we spent a good time shooting in the sea,” he added.

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