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At six, Arjun Binish is an emerging talent in the field of art


Peacock is the title of this composition from Arjun Binish.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Arjun Binish, son of Binish Raghavan and Asha Murali, started drawing when he was a little more than three years of age. He is six years old now — and has a firm hand in drawing realistic pictures, with a clarity that could be amazing for one of his years.

A unique aspect of his art making is that he draws images and pictures without lifting the pencil!


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A KG2 student in Gems Legacy School, Dubai, he has won many accolades in his emerging career. It includes the 1st prize in Jungle Fiesta drawing competition and a position as first runner up in the Starlet Canvas painting competition held at Gems Winchester School, Dubai.

The Raghavans have two children; younger son Aryan is only eight months old. Binish is working at Noon Ecommerce as an accountant. He is delighted to tell Gulf Today about Arjun’s growth and development as an artist:

When did you notice your son had so much talent?

Arjun started colouring when he was three and a half years old. He was doing better than other kids of his age!

How did he start on art? Did you give him crayons to work on? Does he have formal training in art?

Initially, he started colouring with crayons in colouring books. Later, when he learned to hold a pencil at the age of four, he started drawing simple pictures such as flowers, house, cat, etc.

Arjun Binish with his trophy.

He does not have any art training: because of COVID issues, we had a fear of sending him to drawing classes.

What subjects does he draw? Why?

He started drawing objects from his surroundings such as houses, cats, traffic lights, trucks, cars, etc. Nowadays, he is interested in drawing portraits, murals, scenery and characters.

Does Arjun like to draw in colour or black and white?

He likes to draw more in black and white, and also pencil drawing. 

How are you encouraging him to develop his skills?

Since the COVID threat has diminished, he has joined drawing classes. We are providing him all kinds of crayons, colouring pencils, colouring books, etc. We have also started an Instagram page for him.

Arjun does not lift his pencil before completing a picture. Don’t you think this is unique?

He hardly uses his eraser while drawing! He completes most of the drawings without erasing. Also, he is very quick in completing tough pictures, such as murals.

Does his artmaking affect his other studies?

He is good in studies also. Drawing does not affect his studies.

How does Arjun find inspiration? Through books, films, internet, imagination or by observation?

He is a very observant kid. He notices signboards, traffic signs, truck designs, and such like, while travelling on roads. He draws them once we reach home.

He also draws cartoon characters from TV shows. Nowadays, he is drawing pictures from YouTube videos and different YouTube drawing channels.

Can you tell us some comments people have made about his art? By teachers, relatives, neighbours and friends, among others?

His teacher identified his talent from small activities that he did in the classroom. One day, he was called to the Principal’s cabin and she congratulated him on his work.

He has won huge appreciation from friends, family members and neighbours.




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