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Madhuri talks about her OTT debut with ‘The Fame Game’


Madhuri Dixit poses for the photographs during an event.

Bollywood film star Madhuri Dixit Nene has talked about her character Anamika Anand from the upcoming series “The Fame Game.”

While dissecting the complexity of her character Anamika Anand who lives a dual life, Madhuri said “Well, Anamika is a very popular actress. Her home life is seemingly very ideal, and everybody looks up to her.

She has two children, a husband and a mother who lives with her. It all seems perfect on the surface. “But what goes on within the four walls is something that people don't see. She has two sides to her, one for the world and one for herself."

The actress shared that there is this game that she has to play to balance these two sides of her character. She added: “Anamika puts up a glamorous and happy front whereas in reality, she's always compromising, sacrificing and trying her best to stop all hell from breaking loose. This characteristic of being broken inside yet putting on a game face when needed is a very fascinating aspect about the character.”

“The Fame Game” is releasing only on Netflix on Feb.25. Directed by Karishma Kohli and Bijoy Nambiar, it also stars Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul.

Talking about sharing screen with Manav for the first time and on what it was like to revive her on-screen chemistry with Sanjay, she said, “Well, it's been fantastic. The shooting was so full of nostalgia. I had a fantastic time working with Sanjay, because I'm working with him after a very long time.”

She added: “A lot of good memories from the old shoot kept coming back, it was wonderful. It was like meeting an old friend. And I am working for the first time with Manav. He's a very good actor himself and there is so much to learn from him. I think the chemistry between the two of us has worked out very well and it is really amazing to share the screen with these two wonderful actors.”

Madhuri and Sanjay have worked together in films such as “Raja” and “Mohabbat.”

Sanjay on again sharing the screen with Madhuri Dixit shared: “I was really cherishing every moment. After such a long time we were shooting together and it really didn't feel like it's been so many years. Everyone knows how talented she is but the best quality of her is that she's so grounded.”

Sanjay also shares how he was ready at the word go when he heard that Madhuri Dixit would play his wife in “The Fame Game”: "Before the director completed his sentence I sat in the car and said, 'let's go!'" He said, “To tell you the truth, I learnt the steps and came. I knew I had to dance with ma'am. She (Madhuri Dixit) would remember the choreography, but I will definitely forget it. So, I have watched the video 10 to 20 times before coming here.”

Madhuri had the magical power while she was at her peak of her career. Her dancing skill, acting and dialogue delivery were superb.

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