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Ambika Hinduja Macker finds magic when nature and art are together


Ambika Hinduja Macker’s composition Lost In The Embrace.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

The Sublime Nature of Being, an immersive, multi-sensory group exhibition of innovative works by contemporary artists unveiled (Jan. 23 - Feb. 27) at the Summer Garden of ICD Brookfield Place, is curated and produced by Ambika Hinduja Macker. Macker is an artist, founder and creative director of art and design firm, Impeccable Imagination.

She speaks to Gulf Today Can you comment on the theme of the exhibition?The Sublime Nature of Being is an immersive art experience that invites visitors to explore uplifting artworks in a unique, unconventional manner and be taken on a transportive journey activated by sight, sound and scent.


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The concept stems from my fascination with the shared human experience of sublime wonderment and reverence that nature inspires, imagining how that might translate into spaces that elevate the senses and conjure an emotional understanding which transcends words or language.

How do the artworks relate to the theme? When immersed in nature we feel at peace; we are present, in tune with ourselves and the surrounding environment. I curated artworks for The Sublime Nature of Being from my artist portfolio, works that explore the universal sense of awe and harmony we experience when in nature.

The exhibition features large scale sculptures, light and shadow installations, modular components, natural materials, and a sublime bespoke fragrance that stir hope and deep reflection. Majority of the artworks were created specifically for this exhibition, and are available for purchase.

Ambika Ambika Hinduja Macker is the Founder of Impeccable Imagination.

What is the quality of sculpture that lends itself to sublimity?When the artwork and the space are in resonance with the flora, fauna and the elements, a sense of sublimity ensues, which is why I curate artworks that feel ethereal, fluid, organic, zen, and made of natural mediums. A magical exchange occurs in a space when the artwork, lighting and design are presented together harmoniously, like an elemental dance between earthly materials, textures and tones.

Such spaces gently stimulate the senses, and because I believe the senses are a gateway to the soul, The Sublime Nature of Being is designed as a multi-sensory, Alchemic Sonic Environment - to inspire positivity, relaxation and contemplation, all at once. Can you give a statement on your artwork being shown? In addition to curating and producing The Sublime Nature of Being, I am showing my own artwork in the exhibit, titled Lost In The Embrace. It is a self-illuminating bronze sculpture designed with a modernist aesthetic that infuses my signature use of nature inspired elements.

Just as a butterfly emerges through the transformative process of metamorphosis, so do our impressions and feelings morph and take shape as we view and experience beautiful art. How did Impeccable Imagination come about? Why?Impeccable Imagination is a boutique, bespoke, multi-disciplinary art and design firm, and we invest a lot of time in researching and sourcing the absolute best from all over the world.

I wanted to build my own creative platform, a playground for me to explore the imagination without limitation and express myself through a diversity of creative outlets. How different is the art ecology in Dubai vis-a-vis Mumbai? Dubai, in particular, is incredibly innovative and cosmopolitan in the true sense of the word. It has superior infrastructure, areas with a concentration of art (such as DIFC and Alserkal), and a gallery-hopping culture, which lends itself to a vibrant, one-stop-shop art ecology.

This, in turn, draws local and international interest in what we have to offer: it attracts top tier artists, designers and collectors from around the world, and makes this city a major destination for experiencing incredible art. How do nature and science link themselves to art? Science, like the art I curate, originates from a methodical, creative exploration of the natural world. Both art and science are driven by human curiosity and an innate yearning to recreate or mimic occurrences in nature.

To uncover and understand deeper cosmic truths. How do the sculptures create an Alchemic Sonic Environment (ASE)? The sculptures and artwork in The Sublime Nature of Being are presented within an Alchemic Sonic Environment. An Alchemic Sonic Environment is a multi-sensory deep listening experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity, and exchange.

It takes you on an intimate and subtle journey informed by ancient wisdom and quantum theory, guided by rapidly emerging studies in the fields of epigenetics and cognitive neuroscience. Founded by my sister, composer and sound artist, Satya Hinduja, Alchemic Sonic Environment is actively working to redefine the transformative power of sound and its impact on human potential, while reframing the collective memories of our communities and potentialising the future of sound within integrative medicine.

Does an artist have to believe in ASE to be on Impeccable Imagination’s list? What I look for when scouting new artists to represent is whether the art inspires a sense of equanimity, of feeling in balance with nature. ‘Discovering beauty in simplicity’ is a guiding philosophy of my work; so the question I ask myself is: can the piece help make a space feel like a luxurious, inviting, oasis of calm? I love working with artists whose art weaves a gentle narrative rooted in nature, tells a story, and conjures emotions. All the artists I represent are immensely talented, their work is unique, and I want to do whatever I can to support their genius.

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