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Sarah Abdallah believes in the fashion that empowers women


Haute couture from Sarah Abdallah.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

SHARJAH: Entrepreneur, film director, social worker and influencer Sarah Abdallah believes in empowering Arab women through her work.

With Tunisian origins and an experience of over a decade, Abdallah adopts causes that uplift underdogs within Arab societies.

She founded her own production company — SA Production — to serve this cause, and to get her message across through several fronts and channels. A pioneer icon in fashion influencing and consulting in the GCC area, she asserts that one must be independent and strong-willed to be an achiever. “I am a dreamer,” she says, “and always looks at the positive side.”

She creates content such as storytelling videos and styling shows, to share her ideas to empower and educate women through her Instagram account “Dubai pretty ladies”.

Based in Dubai, Abdallah covers topics linked to fashion, lifestyle culture, and gender empowerment. SA Production, established in 2020, offers content videos, ads and documentaries, endorsing a variety of luxury brands in the GCC. This is also done on her social channels.


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SA Production is known for supporting women’s causes and for striving to give a voice to women of all ages. Women supporting women, in short.

She was in the Ahlan! Hot 100, which is a list of the most influential people in the UAE and she has also figured in the Cosmopolitan Beauty & Influencers Awards.

A mother of twins, Abdallah works towards passing on her message to her children. She has produced and directed two campaigns for the Rashid Center for People of Determination, where she wrote the script and performed, to inspire people to give back to society.

Sarah Abdallah (left) being honoured by Maria Othman of Rashid Center.

She says that “this makes me happy and brings joy to others. It brings joy to my heart, and I took my children to visit the children at Rashid Center and present people of determination there with gifts, so they could see it with their own eyes. “These gifts to children will be imprinted in their memory, and they will continue to give when they grow up, so that they appreciate the blessing of health. This will also inspire my followers to help others and have a sense of giving, generosity and assistance.”

She aims to continue giving to many charitable centres, besides the Rashid Center. Abdallah speaks to Gulf Today:

Can you describe the work of SA Production?

SA Production is a production house. Since the past year, it has been a voice for women empowerment. All its content has been created to empower women and to serve society, besides also making space for the Rashid Center.

We also compose content for brands through Social Media platforms. We have done a campaign for Fiat cars and we worked for Ounass/Al Tayer Group for a full year, as well now with Farfetch.

What are the movies you have made? What are their subjects?

We have focused more on content for Social Media; we have not yet created movies.

Our advertisement oriented campaigns include content for fashion, with storytelling and styling episodes. The main purpose is to empower women.

How did you learn filmmaking?

I studied it at the university; I’m a director-producer, and since the opening of my production house, it has become a must have. 

Do you have a fashion house?

Fashion is my passion. I see fashion in every part in my life — it is part of my creativity.

I don’t have a fashion house; but fashion is everything in my content.

Tunisian fashion is more European than Arab. Can you comment?

Tunisians are more open to European culture — so definitely they are different than Arab designers and have different styles.

Yet I believe they have a twist: mixed between Arabia and Europe.

What are the differences between European fashion and Arab fashion? Any similarities?

Europeans have different perspectives and different tastes. But Arab designers are also as well talented, such as Elie Saab and Georges Hobeika, among many others.

They have a strong presence on the red carpet, along with European designers. Many big stars and celebrities wear dress made by Arab designers, as they have a different touch than European designers.

I think European designs are basic, while Arab designs attract me more. For example, Jennifer Lopez wore a Georges Hobeika dress at the Cannes Film Festival and it was wow!

There many amazing looks as well from Arab designers and I think no one goes as far as Arab designers, since they care a lot about the style, the cut and the design, among other essentials.

For me, I prefer to wear couture from Arab designers.

How do you update your knowledge of fashion trends?

It depends on the trend. For a trend to be important for me, it has to suit my character and personality. I love what I’m wearing!

It also depends on the colours that the brands offer and is also about the design.

I try to follow the trend; but yet I believe that every lady has her own style and she needs to add to that style from the trends around.

The trend is not as important as what you would like to wear.

Who are your icons among fashion designers?

So far, this season, I’m in love with Attico, Alexander Wang, Balanciaga, and David Koma.

Who are your role models among filmmakers?

Angelina Jolie, not only as a filmmaker, but also as a mum who has adopted many kids and takes the responsibility of her big family.

She is also an activist who has supported many charity events and missions in society.

She is really my top model!


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