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British artist creates matchstick's-size sculpture of Tyson Fury


A matchstick's-size sculture of Tyson Fury.

Dhamia Faleh, Gulf Today Report

Sculptures require effort from any artist and precision in detail, but the requirements rise when the sculpture is the size of a match.

This is exactly what British artist 64-year-old Willard Wigan did, who used a microscope to carve a piece for British boxer Tyson Fury, world heavyweight champion, using even hairs from his eyelashes in colouring .

The artwork took 8 hours a day for a month, and his work was called “strong as fingers.”

The artist did not put a price on his work after his previous works were sold between £90,000-200,000, and commented: “I love boxing and have a lot of admiration for Tyson Fury and I think that what he did in the field of mental health is very important, so I wanted to give him the biggest honor in the smallest way possible. I met him in 2019 and I knew he would be a hero, he is like Muhammad Ali in his days, and I used a small gemstone for his body.”

Willard was awarded a Royal Medal for Services to Art in 2007 and holds many records, including drawing the world's smallest hand sculpture.

Willard's artwork requires a microscope magnifying the sculpture 250 times to reveal details, and Fury's sculpture is one of 25 works at Birmingham Art Gallery.

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