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Filmmaker Mann Robinson opens new film studio in Atlanta

Mann Robinson.

Entering a competitive industry, such as filmmaking, will have its uphill battles for any newcomer. But with ambition and creativity, you can face any obstacles that come your way. Mann Robinson has aspirations of being a household name, so he opened a 20,000 sq ft film studio in Atlanta to create the best films in the business.

For Mann, film is about more than making a movie. It’s about making a mark. He’s written, directed, and produced 16 films with well-known celebrities, like Harry Lennix and Jamal Woolard. His partnership with Torrei Hart has spanned genres such as thriller, horror, and even comedy.

He is even working on his highly anticipated, upcoming release of “On Ten,” starring Vivica Fox, Clifton Powell, and Darius McCrary. Mann has also wrapped production on his horror thriller, “Sebastian,” expected to release in theatres October 2021.

Before Mann got started in filmmaking, he was actually a rapper. With his writing skills and an interest in tech, his creative curiosities turned to film. “I chose directing because there's no age limit to it… With film, you can go on forever. So many stories. Like these pictures on the wall. So many memories that can be turned into a film,” says Mann Robinson.

He has not only worked with some amazing people, but Mann has let major production companies, like Nickelodeon, use his multi stage studio to film their projects. Over his 15 year career, creative thinking and ambition have paid off for Mann.

In fact, he hopes to inspire others along their journey, as his focus turns to writing books as well. He has released A Look Into: Black Independent Filmmaking (currently available). Mann is soon releasing Sebastian (the novel) and Sober as Fuck—The New Drunk.

Mann’s movies and films are found streaming on major services, such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV, BET, Roku, and Tubi. But even with his personal success, his desire is to see other filmmakers defeat the odds. His message? If you are relentless, your dreams will become reality.