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VIDEO: Cuban, Armenian musicians captivate crowds at Expo 2020 Dubai

Cuban singers perform at Expo 2020 Dubai on Saturday.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A vibrant scene set the jubilee stage on fire at the Expo with Cuban, Armenian music taking the crowds through local rhythms on Saturday.

A massive audience immersed in to the cultural tunes of the both the courtiers.

The venue was jammed packed.  

The Expo kick started its monthly Expo Beats music festivals from this Thursday.

The organisers said, “Fill your ears with musical styles from around the world and hear your favourite performing artists.”

Expo Beats is a unique monthly festival that takes visitors on a journey around the globe through music, dance and culture.

It will present a feast of colour, creativity and culture throughout Expo 2020 Dubai, from the island influences of the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Philippines to the tribal rhythms of Bangladesh and Tanzania. The monthly series will blend genres, create fusions and invite the world to experience traditional and contemporary sounds in new and exciting ways.

With the theme, “Late Nights @ Expo” artists and people from across the world every Thursday and Friday night will connect with each other through performances, breaking barriers between musical styles, generations and cultures.

Expo 2020 Dubai witnessed a heavy turnout from hundreds of thousands of visitors on Friday until late, especially from families, while the event management teams at the site contributed to managing crowds with complete professionalism, using crowd management and communication techniques to reduce congestion areas, to maintain health safety standards and spacing.

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