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Egyptian artist Samar Hassanein enhances the art of batik on fabric with her work


Egyptian batik designer Samar Hassanein poses for a picture at her workshop.

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An Egyptian artist, Samar Hassanein, has spread colours and prints of her favourite art medium all over the region.

batik2 Samar Hassanein dips painted fabric into boiled water at her workshop.

Using batik prints on fabrics and the tie and dye method, Hassanein has made some incredible pieces of designs on fabric.

batik3 Designers make patterns on fabric using a pochoir, at Hassanein's workshop.

Working tirelessly in a small workshop in el-Fustat area in Old Cairo, the self-inspired artist is one of the few designers in Egypt to use the batik technique.

batik4 A young woman applies patterns on fabric at the workshop.

The wax resisting technique has come to life because of the artist and her display of work.

batik5 Samar Hassanein paints patterns on fabric with a brush.

Her tiny workshop in Old Cairo consists of skilful artists who use the dyeing method to make bright colour blobs and a few others who paint over the dyed fabric using the batik technique carefully.


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