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VIDEO: Chihuahua sings along to Gnarls Barkley ‘Crazy’ in hilarious video


A combo image taken from videograb shows Booboo performing alongside his owner Martin Gratton.

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An adorable chihuahua is entertaining Tik Tok users by singing along to hits such as Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy.’

Booboo, who is from Toronto, Canada, is seen performing alongside his owner Martin Gratton.

Booboo’s fans have also jokingly compared his high octave range to the likes of Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey.

And they might be on to something!

Before the singing began, Gratton kisses Booboo on the head and asks him whether he’s ready to show the world his singing abilities.

After, Gratton begins to sing before Booboo hits the high notes.

Over one million people viewed  Bo-boo and Gratton’s crazy duet since it was uploaded in mid-March.

“Is that Ariana Grande?” a fan asked.

Another commented: “sing your little heart out tiny baby!!”

A third user also added: “I can’t stop, omg this video this video is so precious I loveeee this bahaha.

Gratton commented on his pup’s joy of singing, mentioning that he never trained his dog to do this and he also realised that his dog likes to sing when he was watching television, and the national anthem started playing.

“I have not trained my dog to react to it; it’s just natural for him,” said Gratton. “The first time we realized he liked to sing, we were sitting in the living room watching a hockey game, and the national anthem was starting. When the performer started singing, he joined in all of a sudden. We were all really surprised and we were laughing so much.”

Gratton also added: ‘He also gets super excited. You can tell that it doesn’t hurt him and he just really enjoys it… ‘It is so special and funny to see a dog singing and being so happy at the same time.’

Gratton also mentioned that he and his mother, who actually was the person to encourage him to post the footage toTik Tok, can’t believe the video's reaction.

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