Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao on being ‘thrown out’ of films in past because a ‘star’ wanted to do it - GulfToday

Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao on being ‘thrown out’ of films in past because a ‘star’ wanted to do it


Rajkummar Rao poses for a photograph. Picture: Twitter

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Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao talked about being ‘thrown out’ of films because someone more influential than him was eyeing the role; however he mentioned he has has no hard feelings about it.

He mentioned how one just moves on thinking it's not in their destiny and talked about how he is a "very chill" person who doesn't hold on to feelings of remorse but instead moves on. He also spoke about how he believes that there is "enough work for everyone" and whatever is meant for him will come to him. 

“I just move on. You just feel, maybe it’s not in my destiny. I really believe what is meant for me will always be there for me,” he said.

Earlier ahead of the release of Roohi, Rajkummar Rao talked about how the film is different from Stree, his co-star Janhvi Kapoor and how he dealt with rejection.

rajkummar Rajkummar Rao shares a picture of his childhood with his mother.

The ‘Stree’ actor told, “It is a very different world and character. My only thing was, people have loved Stree so much and they know Vicky so well, so I wanted to make Bhawra very different from Vicky. I gave him a different look and speech pattern. But the fun is pretty similar, so I really hope that people would come and enjoy this as much as they enjoyed Stree,” he told Hindustan Times.

‘Roohi’ which released on March 11, 2021 casts Rajkummar opposite Janhvi Kapoor, who once admitted to being ‘stalker-ish obsessive’ about him and sending him messages on social media. Asked if they had a good laugh about it on set, he said, “No, we didn’t really speak about it, honestly.”

“But Janhvi is a very passionate actor and she has done a wonderful job in Roohi. The great thing about her is, we have seen her growth with every film, from Dhadak to Gunjan and then to Roohi. It is always fun when you have a good co-actor with you because that makes a film even better,” he added.

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