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Project X: Freelance filmmaker camps outside Shah Rukh's house in Mumbai for days


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Patience, perseverance and pure dedication to the subject. These are the three things that could help you reach your goal, even if it is a mission impossible.

At least this is what Jayanth Seege, a freelance filmmaker from Bengaluru in India, thinks. The diehard fan of Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan is on a mission to meet the Bollywood Badshah - even if that means camping outside his house, Mannat, in Mumbai for days. He plans to continue doing so till he gets to meet Shah Rukh, because he wants him to act in his film, according to a report in a section of the Indian media. He has not been able to meet the actor, but got friendly with the security guards instead!


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The bid to meet the actor reminds one of a scene from Shah Rukh's film 'Fan,' where the actor portrays himself as a great fan of King Khan.

"In August, when I came across Shahrukh Khan's interview where he said that he hadn't signed any new movies since Zero, I literally went bonkers," Jayanth Seege revealed to 'Humans of Bombay'. "I was like, 'What if I get SRK to act in my movie?' So, I created a movie poster overnight and tweeted it, tagging SRK."


Obviously nothing happened, but the filmmaker was undeterred. On a whim, he flew to Mumbai from Bengaluru in December in order to narrate the script face to face. Since then, he says, he stood outside the superstar's house every day from sunrise to midnight - to the point where even the security guards have gotten friendly with him.

"Eventually, I realised I had to do something atrociously magnanimous like he does in his movies," says Jayanth. "Here I am. And I'm going to stay put until he signs my movie."

The mission to meet SRK has taken on the name of 'Project X'.

Since December 31, Jayanth has been sharing updates on Twitter while camping outside the star's mansion.

His most recent update is from January 3, where he thanked everyone who posted on his behalf.

Jayanth Seege's grand gesture to catch the superstar's attention has earned him quite a few fans himself.

"I'd definitely watch this movie, not because SRK will be in it but because of this man's resilience! Good luck," wrote one Facebook user.

"Dedication in action right there!!! So awesome!!!" said another.

We only hope the Badshah finally helps Seege fulfil his dreams.

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