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K-pop fans bombard social media, seek fair treatment of NCT’s Yuta


Yuta poses for a photograph.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

The multinational boy band group NCT’s Yuta has been trending on social media platforms with the hashtag, #YutaDeservesBetter.

Fans of the Neo Culture Technology group have been calling for a fair treatment of its member Yuta, full name Nakamoto Yuta.

Yuta was born in Osaka, Japan. He joined the famed group in 2016.

His versatile personality and vocals made him a star overnight. 


Fans have been shaming and calling out all who have been criticising the lad.

One user wrote on Twitter, “Respect all members of NCT, not just your faves…”

Elxalew wrote on Twitter, He needs all the love from us. Not his own fandom clowning and making fun of him when he is clearly injured. Netizens are the worst fandom I swear. The mistreatment from sm isn't enough for you? You want him receive more blacklash? And then what?...”

Dee said, “Remember when Yuta sang white's cover with his outstanding vocals? He's mistreated for only have a few verse line in nct's discography :"( let him shine more bcs HE'S DESERVE with all his blood, sweat & tears given to nct…”


Another wrote, “The most caring hyung, an exquisite vocalist, a wonderful dancer, a kind human being who deserves nothing but love ㅠㅠ


A user said, “None is allowed to talk about Yuta if they aren't praising for the incredible human that he is, his out of the world talents, his hardwork, his hardships.

Respect Yuta as a human. Not just a tool for your ships.


Yuta is a lot more than all this…”

It is not clear what led to the war of words on social media, but grapevine says there is some sort of disagreement between the SM Entertainment and members.

The boy band has led to a Korean wave across the globe with its popularity.

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