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VIDEO: Global hit children’s song 'Baby Shark' is the most-watched video on YouTube

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A screenshot of the official Baby Shark video.

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A global hit among children, ‘Baby Shark,’ is now the most watched video on YouTube, with over seven billion views.


The viral sensation has not just become every child’s most loved song but has also left many adults grooving to its tunes.


The video that was first uploaded on YouTube in the year 2016 with a remixed version of the song by a Seoul-based production company, called Pinkfong, has now topped charts.


Its YouTube success paved its route into the global music charts, reaching the number 32 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2019.


It has also been pressed into anti-pandemic service, with a coronavirus-themed version, "Wash Your Hands", teaching children the importance of personal hygiene.




Lebanese protesters sing Baby Shark to soothe toddler


Andorra Police play Baby Shark to thank people for staying off the streets


Baby Shark run continues with new tour dates


Late last year a video of a popular children's song in Lebanon had gone viral on social media after protesters in Beirut spontaneously sang the hit number to calm a toddler caught in the midst of noisy demonstrations. The boy, Robin, watched the full performance wide-eyed.


When driver Elaine Jabbour was surrounded by a rally in the capital last weekend, she asked protesters if they could stop shouting as her young son was asleep in the front seat of her car.

Immediately, Elaine relates, the crowd spontaneously broke out into a rendition of the song "Baby Shark", complete with hand gestures depicting a shark's bite, and big smiles.

A couple of months back police in Andorra performed the ‘Baby Shark’ dance on a street as their way of thanking locals for following social distancing rules and staying home during a coronavirus lockdown.

Footage of officers playing the popular children’s song loudly from their vehicle and dancing in the parish of Escaldes-Engordany has amused many on social media.

According to local news site RFM, the group of police also wanted to entertain children who are isolated with the families at home.

The performance by Andorran police has been praised by social media users around the globe for bringing a bit of fun into otherwise strange and uncertain times for the country and the world.

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