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Artist from Glasgow uses plastic bags to remind people it belongs in the past


British artist Katrina Cobain, poses for photographs with some of her collection of plastic bags.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter


Katrina Cobain, an artist from Glasgow has been collecting plastic bags used all around the world, so she can successfully conduct an exhibition to remind the public of the hazardous effects of the same.


Cobain thinks every plastic bag that she has collected over the years tells a story that is never been heard before.


The artist has been collecting the plastic bags for the last two years and plans to start a museum for everyone to access.


plastic2 For Cobain, every plastic bag tells a story of the modern age. 


Unfortunately, because of the on-going coronavirus pandemic, the idea is shifting to become an online one.


"The original idea started because I felt that landfill sites could be archaeological digs of the future and for our civilisation they would be filled with plastic," she told a section of the media.


"They reveal so much about our lifestyle in the last 60 years in terms of consumerism and social history.


plastic3 Two years ago, Cobain became a collector and plans to start a museum. 


"They can document or reveal key shifts in our lifestyles, key historic events and also changes in graphic design styles."


When Cobain put the word out that she intended to start a museum she was inundated with bags from around the world.


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