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Adele sings and jokes about weight loss as she hosts 'Saturday Night Live'


Adele on the sets of SNL.

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Adele fans around the world will be tuning in to Saturday Night Live this weekend, in the hope that she may drop an announcement about her long-awaited new album.

Referring to her weight loss, she said, "I know I look really, really different since you last saw me but actually, because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me - and this is the half I chose."

The “Hello” star is hosting the latest episode of the US comedy show, 12 years since she first appeared as its musical guest.

She has appeared twice on the show, first in 2008, then again in 2012.

The star added she was "too scared" to sing and host SNL at the same time.

"I'd rather just put on some wigs, have a glass of wine or six and see what happens."

adele-snl A combo picture of Adele hosting SNL.

However, the star did break into song during one of the night's sketches.

A spoof of the reality show The Bachelor, it saw Adele enter the competition as a female contestant looking for a date.

"I'm here because I've had a lot of heartbreak in my life - first at 19 and then, sort of famously, at 21 and then, even more famously, at 25," she said, referencing the titles of her first three albums.

Adele explained on Instagram: “I’ve always wanted to do it as a stand-alone moment, so that I could roll up my sleeves and fully throw myself into it, but the time has never been right.”

She continued: “But if there was ever a time for any of us to jump head first into the deep end with our eyes closed and hope for the best it’s 2020 right?”

Fans in the UK will be able to watch the full episode on Sky Comedy and NowTV a day after it airs in the US.

SNL typically uploads clips from the latest episode to its YouTube channel, shortly after airing, as well as to its official social media accounts.

Adele will appear alongside musical guest HER. The SNL cast currently features Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson and Pete Davidson, among others.

adele1 The show was Adele's first US TV appearance since the 2017 Grammy Awards.

In a sneak preview, Adele was shown demonstrating her American accent, while McKinnon attempted a British one.

In the video, McKinnon attempts to mimic Adele, promising the show is “set to be wicked”, before abruptly halting the impression.

“That was a bad idea,” she says.

In response, Adele puts on a stereotypical Valley Girl accent, saying: “Oh my god, no worries, girlfriend!”

“Now that is good,” McKinnon responded, with HER also looking impressed.

Despite rumours throughout 2020 that Adele would be releasing new music this year, she is not expected to perform during her SNL appearance.

Her latest album, 25, was released in 2015. It received critical praise and went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Album at the 2017 ceremony.

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