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Katy Perry will stay at home even after quarantine ends


Katy Perry with fiancé Orlando Bloom. File

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Pop star Katy Perry says the lockdown has helped her bond with her family at a deeper level.

"This time has brought in some balance. Probably necessary balance. It is in a way good for me, to have brought to this kind of mindset because even after quarantine is done, and probably when everyone goes out and celebrates, I will be still at home," Perry said.

"This has helped me bond with my family on a deeper level than I ever had, rather than just a vacation or a holiday. There's a new foundation that is being laid between families, and partners and we all will never forget this time," she added.


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Amid the lockdown, Perry, who is expecting her first child with fiance and actor Orlando Bloom, is also keeping herself busy with work. She was also part of "American Idol" season three, which resumed production with the contestants filming their performances at home. The judges are also carrying on from their respective homes.

Talking about it, she said: "We couldn't just give up on their lifelong dream from four weeks of their finish line. I am so glad we made it possible. I think we should be all proud of what our producers and teams put together because I definitely think that it looks like a notch above everything else and a lot of hard work has gone into it. It has been a team effort. We would be filming this once or maybe twice a week or even thrice."

"We were all on calls to make sure that the winner was crowned on 'American Idol' this season. And I do believe that our show has become a place where people are truly trusting it. Legitimate artists, songwriters, and young kids, are using it as an additional platform besides their own hustle on social media. The show is putting out legit artists. It is not a karaoke show; it is not noise. People are using it as a launching pad which is so exciting for us."

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