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VIDEO: Pakistani actor Uzma files case against tycoon's daughters for instigating violence


Uzma Khan poses for a photograph during an event in Lahore.

Tariq Butt, Correspondent

Pakistani actor Uzma Khan has filed a complaint against women who she claimed were the daughters of property mogul Malik Riaz after the females allegedly broke into her house with gunmen and instigated violence.

"I have been shamed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past 3 days. I feel like I have nothing to lose now and I have decided to fight the strongest people of Pakistan," she said in a statement. "For me it is either I get justice or I get killed but there will be no turning back now."

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"I will fight against daughters of Malik Riaz who stormed into my house around midnight with 12 gunmen. I request the police to register my FIR [first information report] and conduct me and my sister's medical examination before our wounds start to heal. I hope I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz."

Uzma Khan’s statement came hours after a video circulating on social media showed the distraught looking actor and her sister being yelled at by a group of women.

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In the video can be heard a woman yelling and accusing the actor for allegedly having an affair with one Usman.

The guards were then seen groping, harassing and surrounding the actor, while one of the women can be seen beating her with a shoe, all while throwing decorative items made of glass at Khan.

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Another video showed the actor's living space, which had allegedly been vandalised. Traces of blood could be seen on the floor.

The actor took to social media with her police complaint number, and requested that a medical examination be urgently conducted of her and her sister.

Soon after Uzma Khan's statement, a woman Amna Usman, who called herself wife of this Usman, issued a video statement, claiming that her husband Usman was not related to Malik Riaz.


"Firstly, I'd like to add that my husband, Usman Malik has nothing to do with Malik Riaz, he's not a part of his immediate family. This is being done to malign Malik Riaz; this is a personal spat between Hassaan Khan Niazi and Malik Riaz."

"As far as barging into someone's home is concerned, this was not their house. This was my husband's other house which I followed him to so basically this was my husband's home and I have every right to be there. I repeatedly warned this girl to save my 13-year-long marriage. This was not the first time I approached her."

She said that she is aware that her husband is to be blamed the most and that she has left him.

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