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1st sci-fi Emirati movie on Netflix takes lead


A screenshot of lead actor Sagar Alyasery (left) and supporting actor Mansoor AlFeeli (right) from the film ‘Aerials.’

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The first Emirati science fiction feature length film “Aerials” was recently released on Netflix and had successfully attracted a large audience both internationally and within the region.

Ali, also known S. A. Zaidi, film director, mentioned that the Emirati sci-fi movie had its premiere in VOX cinemas across the United Arab Emirates back in June 2016, and now four years later it has been released on Netflix.

“Aerials is more of an independent science fiction Emirati feature length film, as it was funded independently by the producer Ghanem Ghubash and myself. It had no financial backing; we spent every last dirham to make it possible,” S. A. Zaidi said.

“Aerials” became more of an experimental sci-fi drama film that helped influence the UAE film industry to produce films of science fiction, fantasy, and apocalyptic genres.

The 90-minute Emirati sci-fi film features Iraqi actor Sagar Al Yasery, and the veteran Emirati actor Mansoor Al Feeli in a supporting role.

“Our dream of producing and introducing Emirati sci-fi movies to the UAE film industry was a childhood dream, and it came true when we succeeded in encouraging the production of Emirati sci-fi movies in the UAE,” Zaidi said.

The creation of the Emirati sci-fi film was aimed at encouraging young talented Emirati actors into creating a variety of movie genres, as well as attracting a larger, international and local audience. Additionally, the producer Ghanem Ghubash exclusively revealed to Gulf Today, “Our next movie production will be an Arabic sci-fi horror genre that may cause a major change in the UAE’s film industry. We received approval on the upcoming movie’s script and it is currently in its pre-production stage.”

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