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VIDEO: Bollywood celebs come together for a motivational video as India battles COVID-19


The four-minute, 39-second film is conceptualised and virtually directed by Prasoon Pandey in collaboration with Big B.

As India enters its third week of lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, Bollywood actors and regional Indian film stars joined forces to feature in a motivational short film titled “Family.”

The other stars who are part of the film include Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Dilit Dosanjh along with popular regional titans such as Rajinikanth, Mohanlal, Mammootty, Chiranjeevi, Prosenjit Chatterjee, and Shiva Rajkumar.


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In the over four-minute film, the celebs can be seen urging the citizen's of the country to follow guidelines put in place by the government, such as staying at home, staying safe, maintaining hygiene, working from home and maintaining social distance.

The home-made short film begins with Bachchan and a group of actors looking for his sunglasses.

Eventually, Chopra hands them to him, asking why he needed them in the first place.

“I needed these sunglasses because I do not need them,” he replies. “I am not going to go out of the house for a few days. If they lie around, they will get lost. If they get lost, you all will have to search for them. Now, why should I trouble you all?”

At the end of the sketch, Bachchan reminds viewers to stay indoors to control the spread of coronavirus.

Alia Bhatt 1 Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt poses for photographs. 

“We all made this film together but none of us stepped out of our respective houses,” he says.

“Every artist shot their own section in their own house. No one stepped out of his or her house. You, too, please stay indoors. That is the only way to keep yourself safe from this dangerous coronavirus. Stay home, stay safe.”

The icon also made an appeal in favour of the film industry's daily wage workers who are currently left with no income owing to a complete halt in filming activity due to the lockdown.

“There’s another reason why we made this film. The Indian film industry is one, we are all one family. But there is another large family behind us which supports us and works with us, and that is our workers and daily wage earners, who are facing great difficulty due to the lockdown.

"We all have come together and teamed up with sponsors and TV channel to raise a fund. This fund will be distributed to our workers and daily wage earners to provide them some relief in these tough times.”

"Family" also received words of praise from the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who recommended the film to millions of his Twitter followers.

Modi tweeted: "You can be distant and you can be social. A great video with relevant messages. Have a look."

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