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Bollywood moms talk regarding childcare during lockdown to fight coronavirus


Combo photo shows Sameera Reddy and Sunny Leone with their children.

When it comes to protection of kids, parents can go to any extent. They are the real superheroes, of course without the capes! And now when the entire nation has gone into lockdown to fight the coronavirus, the parents are doing their best to protect their children.

Our Bollywood celebrities are also making sure that they fulfil all of their parenting duties and responsibilities.

Sharing how she is taking care of her teenaged daughter Rasha and son Ranbir, actress Raveena Tandon told a section of the media: "I never believe in over sanitisation...but always make sure to keep my house clean and hygienic. Washing hands is a must with the kids.


"Now, we have totally self-quarantined ourselves. Since schools are shut , we are spending time with each other at home. To keep them entertained, we play monopoly and other board games. We also pass time by watching movies together. It's a great time to develop close bond with your family members and I am doing the same."

When asked how she explained to her 4-year-old son, Hans, about the ongoing health scare, Sameera Reddy shared her son's strange reaction to the disease.

"I never imagined that my son would come to me and say the coronavirus is a germ that, if it sits in an aeroplane, people can't get out of the plane. It made me realise how children are also worried about the situation."

Then I made him sit next to me and explained to him in the best way I could. "The situation is highly disturbing...I hope everything becomes normal soon," Sameera, who welcomed her daughter Nyra last year, said.


Actress Sunny Leone, who has three kids -- Nisha Kaur , Noah Singh, and Asher Singh -- is extremely concerned. She recently posted a picture on Instagram, sharing how difficult it is to make kids wear masks.

"A new era... so sad that my kids have to now live like this but it is necessary. Training toddlers to wear a mask," she captioned the image in which her little ones can be seen wearing masks.


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Sunny also shared how she has to be super creative in order to keep her children busy.

"I have three kids ...right now my main focus is on home schooling. I have to teach them..make them learn new things at home. I am being creative enough to keep them busy during lockdown," she said.

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