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COVID19: Singer Lizzo says she got strep throat at the worst time ever


Singer Lizzo poses during an event.

Celebrities have taken to their social media account to send videos of awareness and safety to fans and followers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Singer Lizzo is battling strep throat amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has been wearing a face mask around her loved ones to avoid transmitting the illness.

In an Instagram post that she subsequently deleted, Lizzo wrote:

"Got strep at the worst time ever. It's nobody's business but I'd prefer y'all not criticize me for wearing a face mask and doing what I was supposed to do to protect the people in my home.

"Please check yourself before you become an internet bully because you're bored. Get your facts straight.

The world needs less trolls and more compassion," the singer added, according to a section of the media.


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Strep throat is a bacterial infection that can cause sore throat and fever, and is transmitted by direct contact with the mucus or sores of someone who is suffering.

Meanwhile, Lizzo has been trying to lift spirits during the coronavirus pandemic by posting meditation videos on Instagram.


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