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Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan’s son shares a picture with his ‘old man’


Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan with this son Ibrahim Ali Khan.

Bollywood actors make the headlines for their social media posts.


When Saif Ali Khan's son Ibrahim called him an "old man", the actor had the right retort in place.


It all started when Ibrahim shared a snapshot on Instagram in which he is seen posing with his dad.


"Me and my old man," the young boy captioned the photograph.




Saif was asked about Ibrahim's assertion in a recent interview, and his reply was precious. "Yeah, it was quite funny.


"Being older doesn't bother me and the fact is that I am Ibrahim's old man. But I'm keen to be fit and look my best. I'm not going to be looking like an old man for a while, but I understand the irony of it," said the actor, according to the website


Now that Saif's daughter Sara Ali Khan is a star, the talk then shifted to whether Ibrahim is gearing up for his Bollywood debut.


Would Saif uphold timetested Bollywood tradition and launch his son into the industry as a lead actor?




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"I don't know if I will launch him. It's an option and films are certainly a viable career choice for him. He's sporty and likes the idea of being in the movies rather than pursuing an academic job. No one in the family with the exception of his sister (Sara) have been interested in the latter anyway," Saif replied.


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