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Emily Blunt reveals she was almost a 'Britney'- level pop star


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Emily Blunt told "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that she almost became a pop star — and that it was Dame Judi Dench who talked her out of it.

"I could have been Britney Spears," she joked to Kimmel.

Explaining why she soon gave up on a career as a pop star, Blunt said: "I realised that I'm not good at dancing and I didn't want to be Britney, I don't know. I don't want to tell you too much because I feel like someone is going to find these songs that I recorded."

Blunt teased the name of one of these songs. "Ring it up,” Blunt laughed. "It will never see the light of day."

Kimmel also asked Blunt if she wrote any of the songs herself, but "No, I can't write. I can't really sing," Blunt joked, explaining that someone wrote the song for her.

"They said, ‘I think you have a nice voice and I think that you could be a pop star.' I said, 'I can't dance,’” Blunt said. "They said, 'don’t worry about it, we'll teach you.' It didn't work, I tried to learn."

Then she got an advice from one of her A-list co-stars that helped her make the right decision.

"I was doing a play, my first job was with Judi Dench – which was incredible and she was wonderful to me," she recalled.

"And I went to her for advice because I was really, really nervous about this career that I didn't know was right for me -- I didn't think was right for me -- and she was like, 'Oh no, darling. You can't do both. You can't act and do that'. She talked me out of it," she added.

At the moment, Blunt is looking forward to "A Quiet Place" sequel.


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