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Netizens think this 1981 horror novel predicted the coronavirus outbreak


‘The Eyes of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz. Twitter

In an uncanny resemblance of events, a 1981 novel by US-based horror writer Dean Koontz, The Eyes of Darkness, predicted the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus, it has been claimed.

The book, based on a grieving mother investigating the mysterious circumstances of her son’s death, bears striking similarity to the present times plagued by coronavirus.

A passage in the book makes reference to a killer virus known as “Wuhan-400,” the name of the city where the coronavirus originated in real life.

The extract from the novel has since gone viral on the internet, with many social media users expressing disbelief at the subject matter of the work.

The excerpt features a character discussing biological warfare, calling the virus “the perfect weapon.”

“A Chinese scientist … defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade,” the character says.

“They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan.” 

“Wuhan-400 is the perfect weapon,” he says.

Bestselling US author Koontz with his dog Elsa at his home in Newport Beach, California. TNS

Spotted by author Nick Hinton, the book has become the subject of intense speculation.

Some have even gone on to concoct conspiracy theories, suggesting the current coronavirus is the result of biological weaponry.

“That’s creepy af,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another wrote: “That’s crazy. He probably didn’t have a clue when he was writing it.”


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Koontz, a prolific US novelist best known for works including Demon Seed and Odd Thomas, has yet to respond to the discovery.

The disease, meanwhile, continues to spread around the world unabated, with more than 9,000 confirmed cases.

As per the latest statistics, more than 3000 people have been killed by the virus worldwide, leading to many restrictions on travel and large gatherings.

The worst affected countries after China include Iran, Italy and South Korea, which have seen a large number of deaths.

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