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Pakistani couple who tied the knot at 18 appear on TV – after clamour from their fans


Asad and Nimra pose for a photograph at the ARY studio in Karachi. Social media photo

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A young couple in Pakistan, who were slammed by certain sections on social media for marrying early, have a huge fan following now – thanks to television. The boy, Asad Khan, and the girl, Nimra, are both 18 years old and tied the knot recently.

Pakistani boy and girl both 18 tie the knot and create a firestorm on media

After the news broke out, there was a huge clamour from the people for the couple to appear on TV, which the duo willingly obliged.

A Facebook page, which keeps track of all social issues in Pakistan said, “Finally Nation's wish has comes true!! On Huge Public demand the newly wed viral sensation Teen age couple Asad and Nimra was invited as guest in Good Morning Pakistan on a local news channel.”

During the chat show, Asad told an ARY TV host that “a girl came to me for a selfie, and afterwards when I looked back, my wife was angry…” The revelation drew a loud applause from the TV audience.

AsadNimraonARYAsad and Nimra during the chat show at the ARY studio in Karachi. Social media photo

The wedding video and photos of the couple that surfaced on social platforms have stoked the curiosity of Pakistanis who are eager to know more about them.

It came to light that the families of Asad and Nimra knew each other.

Asad, who lives in Oman, came down to Pakistan for a function. At the event, he was totally bowled over by Nimra when he saw her at the event. Asad told the media that “I couldn’t get my eyes off her when I saw her… she was so attractive.”

Asad’s father is a civil engineer in Muscat, Oman.

The families then started contacting each other and the couple faced no obstacles to their marriage.

The duo have been dubbed as the “Couple of the year.”

Whether they are too young to tie the knot, whether their marriage is a travesty of conventional, social ethics or whether it is anti-religious – these issues created a buzz like never seen before.

The wedding raised the hackles of self-styled commentators and guardians of morality.

Television channels in Pakistan went to town over it, raving and ranting over the nuptials of the lovebirds, with many outlets slamming the duo for their act, preaching fire and brimstone sermons.

The pictures of the fresh and youthful couple grabbed a million eyeballs on social media and the goggle box. Twitterati could not stop themselves from pointing out, in particular, the groom’s age.

The wedding has split Netizens into two camps, with one supporting the couple and the other excoriating them, particularly their age.


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