VIDEO: Pakistani boy and girl, both 18, tie the knot – and create a firestorm on social media - GulfToday

VIDEO: Pakistani boy and girl, both 18, tie the knot – and create a firestorm on social media


Asad Khan and Nimra pose for a photograph on their wedding day. Social media photo

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The wedding of a young couple in Pakistan has made the headlines on media – and raised the hackles of self-styled commentators and guardians of morality. Both the boy, Asad Khan, and the girl, Nimra, are 18 years old.

Whether they are too young to tie the knot, whether their marriage is a travesty of conventional, social ethics or whether it is anti-religious – these issues have created a buzz like never seen before.

Even television channels in Pakistan have gone to town over it: raving and ranting over the nuptials of the lovebirds, with many outlets slamming the duo for their act, preaching fire and brimstone sermons.

Pictures of the fresh and youthful couple grabbed a million eyeballs on social media and the goggle box. Twitterati could not stop themselves from pointing out, in particular, the groom’s age.

The wedding has split Netizens into two camps, with one supporting the couple and the other excoriating them, particularly their age.

One user, Zoha, said, “Skinny boys should definitely gain some weight before they marry”

Another said, “The guy is immature. He can’t take care of himself, so how will he take care of the bride?“

However, it was not all brickbats for the good-looking duo: there were bouquets too.

Some celebrities including Imran Ashraf, a popular local actor, came to the support of the couple.


The boy, Asad Khan, and the girl, Nimra, who are 18 years old are seen.

User sc: iumairshuja said, “I mean what's wrong in this? Can we stop being so judggy and jealous? husan is not everything, the thing that matters is what you feel about each other. They look gorgeous and happy, don't spoil it with your bullshit”

Kashaf Warraich said, “To all ppl who are mocking on them. Remember Nabi karem (SAW) was 15 years younger than Hazrat khdija nd they were the best couple ever. They're cute MA. You can accept youngest girl for older man but can't digest this, their age difference is lil bit. You're just shit as a society.

Zainab Chughtai said, “Can we just stop judging people in 2020????? Let people live ffs please.”

A user with the name, Sleep, said, “They both are 18 years old. Adult and married with consent. I can’t find anything wrong.”

Zaifullah Minhas said “My classmate married a woman 30 years older than him while he was still in college and I have never seen such a happy couple”

Well, the Cassandras will always find a way to have a say in everything, even if it is needless ado.

For the duo in the eye of the storm, one thing is clear: they are very much in love – and perhaps couldn’t care less what the world thinks.


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