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Veteran Hollywood actor Folk graces Sharjah theatre festival


During his visit, Alexander Folk (right) was in the panel along side UAE-based actor Rik Aby (left), who in known for huge Indian hit movie Sahoo.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Veteran Hollywood actor Alexander Folk flew into UAE this week to judge the first edition of Short+Sweet Theatre festival at Al Qasba, Sharjah.

The Dreamgirl-famed actor was thrilled to be invited for the event, which attracted hundreds of experienced and emerging UAE-based writers, directors and actors.

Actors of all ages and nationalities are participating in the much-anticipated festival.

Folk is the latest in a long line of celebrities who fall in the love with the place.

Impressed with the ambience and UAE’s ever-charming hospitality, the renowned Hollywood star promised to return again and again to the country.

Folk among a long list of global A-listers visiting Dubai to savour its unique leisure, lifestyle and cultural attractions.

Other celebrities who have holidayed in Dubai in the recent past include Hollywood star Will Smith, Brazilian football legend Pele, Grammy-nominated producer and artist DJ Snake, international singer Rihanna, and Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez.

Rik-group-11-750x450 Alexendar Folk poses for a photograph with a group of cinema professionals.

During his visit, Folk was in the panel along side UAE-based actor Rik Aby, who in known for huge Indian hit movie Sahoo.

Folk gave tips to the budding writers and actors and shared his experience of working with Jurrasic Park-famed director Steven Spielberg, Nicholas Cage and Oscar winner Jamie Fox.

“Working with Spielberg was the only time I can remember being star-struck, at first as he was talking to me in my head I was thinking I can’t believe I’m stand in front of Steven Spielberg I want to direct like this man, finally I got myself together enough to listen to him and even though he cut me out of the film, whenever I see the words Directed by Steven Spielberg those words have a different meaning, I have been directed by Steven Spielberg,” Folk said.

During his stay, Folk visited Dubai Mall and other prominent places of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and was spotted having selfies’ with his long list of fans.

Folk and Rik Aby also took answered questions of the audience.

Rik talked about his journey in acting as well and how difficult it was to even know that there was an audition compared to today's easy access and platforms and opportunities in acting.

Aby also talked about the importance of having a representative and he gave examples of agents he dealt with who weren't useful.

Aby is now represented by Milena Schwager of GEB, and is happy to report that their relationship is strong and productive. GEB represents several talents in the region.

Folk also talked about his long journey (50 years) as an actor and the obstacles he faced during his career.

Aby asked him about his experiences with some of the big names like Steven (Spielberg) and he told us many interesting stories.

“Hold on to our dreams and never give up as nothing in life is easy,” Folk suggested the aspiring actors.

Besdies acting, Folk has also written two books, which were best sellers.

His books touched the topic about women and how they are a blessing from God. The other one is about how we should not complicate our lives.

Aby also talked about his upcoming movie The Misfits, the heist thriller which is being shot in the UAE. The Misfits, which is helmed by Die Hard 2 director Renny Harlin, stars GoldenEye actor Pierce Brosnan, alongside actors including Nick Cannon and Jamie Chung.

Talking about the location of his movie, Aby said: “ The UAE is known for his landscapes, from expansive deserts, to glistening glass skylines, to traditional Emirati architecture, there’s a lot of good stuff to point a camera at.”

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