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Katy Perry's love for India is never really over


US singer/songwriter Katy Perry gestures at a press conference in Mumbai.

If there is one singer whose name is a byword for controversy, it is Katy Perry. To illustrate. She was reported to have touched a female Russian journalist without her consent and kissed her while drunk at a party. Model Josh Kloss, who worked with Perry on her Teenage Dream video, accused her of exposing his private parts without consent to her friends – again at a party.

An American Idol contestant charged that Katy Perry smooched him without his permission. She was also caught on camera grabbing Shawn Mendes' posterior when he was a teenager. Her spat with Taylor Swift for red top consumption is only too well-known.

However, the organisers of a music festival in India are willing to ignore her seamy antics of the past and entertain her in grand style, toplining her for a concert in Mumbai this week.

US singer/songwriter Katy Perry sings at a press conference in Mumbai.

"I am very excited for the Festival and I have created little bit of a special show. I am not really touring right now. I am doing very few shows but I decided that (I will do) this show. This is one of the most important shows for my year because of the fact that I have always wanted to come to Mumbai. I hear my Indian fans so passionately on social media and OnePlus is amazing as a partner," she said.

While in Mumbai, the 35-year-old singer has been invited by Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar for a lavish party in her honour. "So, I am going to a really fun party. I am going to meet some Bollywood people, I am going to be hearing some incredible bands. It has been a long time since I have been here.

When I was here for IPL cricket (in 2012), I really didn't get much time to immerse myself. So, this time it's all about immersing and educating myself," she revealed.

Asked if she has plans to collaborate with any Indian artist, Perry replied: "I think that is what the research and development this week is going to be all about."

The "Never really over" singer also revealed the kind of people she wants to "hang out" with: "I am excited to meet anyone that is interesting and has a great perspective, has care, kindness and empathy for the world, and wants to do compassionate artistic things. That's the kind of people I like to hang out with."

The American pop diva, who will perform live here over the weekend, shared that she wants to "indulge in all things Indian".

The pop diva then stressed the importance of singles as opposed to releasing songs in albums. "Music is changing. I think it is more fun to put out a song every few months in a video selfishly -- that's what artistes love. They don't necessarily want their songs to get lost in an album.

Their super fans know the whole album but not everyone does. Sometimes, they only know the singles. Since streaming is such a powerful tool and it's a different format than when I started in 2008, we are kind of slowly adapting and going with the flow, and just putting things up like little appetisers.

That's how people are ingesting music these days. I am having so much fun because it gives me a chance to highlight every single song," she said.

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez was another celebrity we spotted at the launch event. The OnePlus Music Festival will take place at Mumbai's at DY Patil Stadium on November 16.

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