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Taylor Swift praises Jameela Jamil for promoting body neutrality


Actor Jameela Jamil (left) and singer Taylor Swift. TNS

Sabrina Barr

Taylor Swift has praised Jameela Jamil for her stance on body image activism, expressing the importance of promoting body neutrality.

The Grammy Award-winning artist recently joined DJ Zane Lowe for an interview on Apple radio station Beats 1.

During their discussion, Swift opened up about the scrutiny she has experienced throughout her career regarding her musical talent and her dating life, in addition to the “internalised misogyny” that exists in society.

The singer said that witnessing the personal lives of young female artists being probed in the media puts her “in a real sad place.”

“I think when I was the youngest, it was hard because I didn’t understand why nobody was saying that this was wrong,” the 29-year-old said.

Swift continued, referencing the work of “The Good Place” star Jamil, who in 2018 launched her body neutrality-focused I Weigh movement.

“We have amazing women out there like Jameela Jamil saying, ‘I’m not trying to spread body positivity. I’m trying to spread body neutrality where I can sit here and not think about what my body is looking like,’” she stated.

“We have made incredible progress. We’ve made incredible strides,” she added.

“It’s a way to take a woman who’s doing her job and succeeding at doing her job and making things. In a way it’s figuring out how to completely minimise that skill by taking something that everyone in their darkest, darkest moments likes to do, which is to slut-shame.”

Earlier this year, Swift expressed her admiration for Jamil’s work as a body image activist in an interview with “Elle” magazine.

The singer said: “I’ve been loving how outspoken Jameela Jamil has been on this subject. Reading her words feels like hearing a voice of reason.”

On Twitter, Jamil thanked Swift for her “lovely words.”

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