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Singer Christina Aguilera thinks the music industry is full of 'wolves'


Singer Christina Aguilera poses for a photograph.

Singer Christina Aguilera thinks the music industry is full of "wolves".

"It was a business with so many wolves. Older men who had other intentions. When you're that young coming up in a male-run business, you're going to see the darkest sides of things and hear how men talk about women," Aguilera told Sunday Times newspaper, reports

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"I do look back at that younger me, who needed a hug, and I want to tell her that not all men are like this. When people just accept it and say, 'Oh well, you know, boys will be boys,' I disagree. Because I do feel men should be held accountable."

She believes it's important to recognise that women are not just one-dimensional creatures.

Reflecting on her own evolution, she said: "That first record ('Genie') was me playing a puppet, doing what the label wanted me to do and be at a time when the pop explosion was super big.

Singer Christina Aguilera never wants to feel helpless before a man.

"And it's fun to look back now because you have Kylie Jenner, you have Miley Cyrus, people reinventing the chaps look, which I definitely got a lot of heat for. But I was interested in opening up that conversation at the time, comfortable in my own skin, sharing that sexuality and part of myself.

"Women are not just one-dimensional creatures who should only view our sexuality from a man's point of view. If you look back at my body of work and the decisions I made, you'll see it's been very progressive.

"Fearlessness is something that I always wanted, because I saw my mother in so many positions where she was weak and so very dominated. That was one of my decisions, as a woman, that I would never feel helpless to a man."

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