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Video: Salman Khan’s ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ has a moral message


Bollywood actor Salman khan poses for a photo.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

Indian superstar Salman Khan took up the Bottle Cap challenge with his own twist.

The challenge requires a little physical fitness to perform the stunt, the hashtag #bottlecapchallenge is the latest trend blowing up the Internet.

And celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood are not hesitating in giving it a try.

The challenge focuses on placing a bottle on a solid surface with the cap on it.

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The goal is to uncap the bottle with a spin kick.

In the video, Salman is seen shirtless in a gym, all geared up to kick the cap off the bottle.

Just before kicking the cap, Salman stops and approaches the already loosened bottle cap and blows it off. The "Kick" star then takes the bottle from his helper's hand, and drinks the water, and ends the video by saying "Paani bachao (Save Water)".

He captioned the video: "Don't thakao paani bachao".

Salman on Sunday also shared his views with followers. "Life used to be black-and-white, yes or no, truth or lies, it was crystal clear. Now perhaps it's grey, it's maybe. Who the hell cares, is that true? Hope not for God's sake.

"Long live morals, principles and ethics," Salman wrote.

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