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Hathaway never thought she'd be so successful

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Anne Hathaway attends a event. File/ AFP

Actress Anne Hathaway never thought her acting career would go this well. She says she feels really lucky to be where she is now.

"I never thought that things would go this well, and I never thought that I'd still be like hitting the pavement as hard as I am now. But I do love it. I really feel lucky to do it," Hathaway told etonline.com.

Despite her success, the "Ocean's 8" star says she hasn't been able to "stop hustling".

She says acting never gets easier even when stars have achieved high levels of fame as they still have to "work just as hard in a different way".

"I had a mistaken idea that there would be a point where you'd made it enough that you would be able to stop hustling. Like, I thought there was gonna be a moment where you were just like, 'Oh great, now I get to sit back.

"'I've won this, and my movies have done that and now people come to me.' That's never really happened. When people say you really have to love acting because it's hard, like that's an aspect of it that I don't think people think (about).

"Because people think, 'Oh, I'm gonna get famous and it's just gonna be this really glamorous lifestyle,' but you really will have to work just as hard in a different way than you do in the beginning when nobody knows who you are. If you get successful it just becomes a whole other thing."

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