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K4 Group achieves record-breaking Dhs32.5m sale of luxurious Jumeirah Island villa

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K4 Fitout, an industry leader in innovative design and architectural excellence, proudly announces the record-breaking sale of the most expensive villa in Jumeirah Island. The stunning property, located in Cluster 6, has been sold for an unprecedented AED 32.5 million, reflecting K4’s unwavering commitment to luxury and superior craftsmanship.

A Benchmark in Luxury Real Estate

This extraordinary transaction underscores K4's position at the forefront of the luxury real estate market. The villa, a masterpiece designed and renovated by K4, stands as a testament to the company’s innovative approach and dedication to quality. Every aspect of the villa, from its architectural design to its bespoke interiors, showcases the exceptional standards that K4 is known for.

In a statement, Joakim Kihlström, CEO of K4, commented: 'Luxury and paying attention to every detail is at the core of our mission. This record-breaking sale is a testament to our vision of designing and building Dubai’s most spectacular and sought-after homes. We are thrilled to see our vision of luxury living come to life in such a spectacular way.'

Signature Design and Craftsmanship

The four-bedroom, six-bathroom villa spans a total area of 732.24 square meters, divided equally between the ground floor and the first floor. K4’s distinctive design philosophy, which fuses Baroque and classical elements with a modern twist, is evident throughout the property. The villa’s grand mosaic marble entrance and elegantly designed architraves and gates set the tone for a luxurious living experience.

Natural stones and electroplated metal details are extensively used, providing an aura of timeless elegance. Strategically placed hidden lighting enhances the villa’s ambiance, while custom-crafted joineries from K4’s factory add a personal touch to the dining tables, shelves, kitchens, living areas, and TV vaults.

Exclusive Interior Features

  • Library/Cigar Lounge: This luxurious space features a unique bubble ceiling made of aluminum sheets, seamlessly integrated with a custom bar area and library. Each element has been meticulously crafted in K4’s factory, showcasing the company's dedication to superior craftsmanship.
  • Powder Room: Combining classic concepts with modern twists, the powder room features unique niches that add visual interest, elevating the overall aesthetic.
  • Living Area: An open space with double-height, floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the area with natural light. The furniture selection is meticulously curated to maintain a light and bright ambiance, enhancing the sense of openness.
  • Staircase and Sleeping Block: The first floor exudes warmth and coziness with engineered wood flooring and classic moldings given a contemporary twist. This darker, more intimate space contrasts beautifully with the villa's brighter living areas.
  • Guest and Kids' Bedrooms: Thoughtfully designed with custom cladding and hidden doors leading to playful and functional areas, these rooms offer both style and practicality.
  • Bathrooms: Featuring natural travertine and brushed nickel finishes for a cohesive and luxurious design, the bathrooms exude elegance and sophistication.
  • Master Block: Showcasing a spacious master bedroom with elegant moldings, contemporary furniture, and sophisticated lighting. The walk-in wardrobe with fluted glass shutters and brushed nickel frames, and a master bathroom with luxurious curves, micro cement moldings, a grand shower, and a freestanding bath, create a spa-like atmosphere.

Unmatched Exterior Elegance

The villa’s exterior complements its luxurious interiors, featuring light and bright materials that create a fresh and open ambiance. Garden sculptures, including a man silhouette fountain and a giraffe sculpture near the pool, add an artistic touch. Custom planters and benches, designed and cast by K4, blend functionality with aesthetics.

Outdoor living areas include a covered barbecue area and a sunken seating area with expansive lake views, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The pool, adorned with turquoise-grayish blue tiles, contrasts beautifully with the villa’s milky white facade and light gray roof.

K4 Fitout is part of an award-winning group of companies known as K4. Specializing in fit-out contracting services, facility management, property maintenance, and cleaning services, K4 elevates commercial and non-commercial properties, including villas, apartments, and high-rise buildings. With a team of licensed professionals and a commitment to excellence, K4 continues to set benchmarks in the industry.