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Chamber boosts efforts to support global expansion of UAE entrepreneurs


Dubai International Chamber officials and UAE entrepreneurs during a meeting in Dubai.

Dubai International Chamber, one of the three chambers operating under the umbrella of Dubai Chambers, has held a meeting with UAE entrepreneurs and founders of local businesses operating across diverse sectors. The session showcased the chamber’s numerous bespoke programmes aimed at supporting the global expansion of UAE businesses and enhancing their competitiveness in international markets.

The meeting, which was attended by Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, introduced participants to the integrated services offered by Dubai International Chamber to support the global growth ambitions of UAE companies and entrepreneurs. The chamber plays a central role in achieving the objectives of the ‘Dubai Global’ initiative, which aims to support Dubai-based businesses in exploring new economic and commercial opportunities in 30 priority markets around the world.

He commented: “The UAE’s dynamic private sector is consolidating its success and stands as a shining example of innovation and leadership in the global business world. Dubai-based entrepreneurs have consistently achieved significant growth across various sectors by enhancing their competitiveness and operational efficiency in line with the progress achieved by the national economy.”

He added: “Dubai International Chamber is committed to extending all support necessary to drive the global expansion and prosperity of the local business community. The chamber assists Dubai-based entrepreneurs in leveraging growth opportunities in promising international markets and expanding their business operations around the world.”

The meeting highlighted the role of the chamber’s network of international offices in connecting the local business community with opportunities and potential partners on the global stage.

Dubai International Chamber leads the ‘New Horizons’ initiative, which enables Dubai-based companies and entrepreneurs to join trade missions to targeted global markets and participate in pre-arranged events to explore mutual investment opportunities and economic partnerships. Attendees were also introduced to the ‘In Focus’ initiative, which provides opportunities for the local business community to engage with leaders from the public and private sectors in selected foreign markets.

‘In Focus’ events equip participants with comprehensive information about the countries and regions they plan to invest in, including the requirements for conducting business in the targeted destinations and timely market intelligence on the prospects within each economy. Companies and entrepreneurs benefit from guidance and advice throughout every stage of their international expansion journeys, from market and sectoral data to business setup processes and signing economic partnerships and business deals.

The ‘In Focus’ and ‘New Horizons’ programmes are aligned with Dubai International Chamber’s strategic priorities of supporting the international expansion of Dubai businesses and boosting foreign trade to achieve the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), which seeks to double the size of the emirate’s economy over the coming decade.

A day earlier, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, one of the three chambers operating under the umbrella of Dubai Chambers, has hosted a meeting with the Fruit and Vegetable Traders Business Group to discuss opportunities to enhance the sector’s performance and support its sustainable growth.

Participants in the meeting included Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers; Maha Al Gergawi, Vice President of Business Advocacy at Dubai Chambers; Mohamed Al Sharif, Chairman of the board of the Fruit and Vegetable Traders Business Group, and several members of the group’s board.

During the meeting, participants discussed the growth prospects for the fruit and vegetable trade in Dubai and highlighted promising opportunities within the sector, including ways to accelerate the expansion of business and trade in global markets. The session also provided a valuable platform to identify and explore solutions to any challenges facing traders as part of their business activities.

Following the meeting, a Dubai Chambers delegation led by Lootah was invited to participate in a site visit to the Fruit and Vegetables Market in the city’s Deira district to learn more about the facilities and the topics discussed during the session.

The meeting was arranged to consolidate the steady growth achieved by the sector as part of the chambers’ ongoing drive to enhance Dubai’s favourable business environment and ensure the competitiveness of the local business community, which contributes to the growth of international trade and boosts the volume of imports, exports, and re-exports to key global markets.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to advancing the interests of the business community by activating the private sector’s role in developing regulatory frameworks across all economic activities, which enhances the competitiveness of the economy and further strengthens Dubai’s position as a leading global hub for trade. The chamber’s regular meetings with business groups offer open and transparent platforms for discussion on how to overcome any challenges and leverage opportunities to drive business growth.

The creation of sector-specific Business Groups comes as part of the chamber’s commitment to serving the needs of the business community and promoting the development of diverse sectors in line with the ambitions of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33). Dubai Chamber of Commerce plays a crucial role in supporting Business Groups by facilitating two-way dialogue between government entities and the private sector, addressing key policy matters to enhance the competitiveness of companies within each sector and boost their contribution to the emirate’s economy.





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