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Firm’s UV-C technology aids in surgical safety


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Inayat ur Rahman, Business Editor

In a groundbreaking announcement from MADA UV Company, acclaimed for its expertise in designing and manufacturing modern disinfection devices utilizing Ultraviolet sterilization technology, their most recent device is considered revolutionary in the field of surgical safety.

The company’s latest innovation showcases unparalleled industrial design maximizing the outcome of UVC rays, designed to significantly impact the mortality & morbidity rate associated with surgical operations. Rigorous British laboratory tests confirm that the new device has successfully eradicated 100% of germs suspended in the air and on surfaces.

Moreover, this unique design technology is not confined to surfaces alone but extends its sterilizing ability to operation room air and even ceilings, and is accordingly named “3D sterilization”. This innovation is anticipated to revolutionize current practices and set a new standard in the realm of healthcare facilities’ safety.

The device’s usage of mixed high-intensity Ultraviolet type-C rays has proven essential in swiftly neutralizing viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus which can be killed in a record time of few seconds. In fact, this technology can even eradicate notoriously antibiotic-resistant germs, such as Clostridium.

Distinguished by a distinctive open design, featuring strategically positioned top and side windows coupled with an exceptionally high UV-C intensity, this device surpasses the limitations of conventional disinfection devices. Its ability to effectively reach and disinfect even the most challenging spots within operation rooms underscores its efficiency and speed.


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