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A step towards action-oriented approach


Top officials during a panel discussion in Dubai.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

COP28 President, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber,  envisions a new era of  actionism that leverages the strength of the private sector, namely of business and philanthropy. This Forum is a vital platform for these sectors to contribute actively to the climate conversation.

This was stated by  Badr Jafar,  COP28 Special Representative for Business & Philanthropy, during an exclusive interview with Gulf Today, adding that by bringing together over 1,000 leaders from diverse backgrounds, it ensures that their voices and resources are not just heard but are an integral part to shaping the solutions.

He noted that the Forum’s 2-day agenda is in line with the COP28 Action Agenda and the four pillars outlined including; accelerating the energy transition, transforming climate finance, centering actions on nature and people, and underpinning everything with inclusivity. The Forum is a step towards a much more inclusive, action-oriented approach, where diverse stakeholders work in tandem for sustainable impact.

Jafar mentioned that the public-private partnerships are not just a collaboration model; they are a necessity for holistic climate action. The UAE’s long-standing reliance on PPPs demonstrates their efficacy in combining government oversight with private sector innovation. These partnerships, especially vital in emerging economies, offer a way to mobilize resources and expertise on a grand scale. The COP28 Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum will explore how these partnerships can be deepened and expanded, recognizing that the private sector’s creativity and agility are indispensable in meeting our climate targets. It is about finding synergies where government policies and business innovations align for maximum impact.

“Entrepreneurs are at the climate action vanguard. Their creativity and agility make them natural allies in our fight against climate change. We need to create supportive ecosystems that foster this entrepreneurial spirit specifically towards climate solutions.”